Allow the line and your life to emerge with a slow pen.

2MA Emerge 2

Beauty in contrast

Evening into morning light

Starlights of color.


Ornamental Glass

Blown from molten silica

Flash of prism’s light.


Drawing a new line

To emerge without effort

Allow the color.

Glass is a fluid.  Stained glass windows, centuries old, are thicker at the base.  The glass, ever so slowly, flows.  When we take the time to slow our minds and lives,  a strong base of color and light will emerge.

I love to doodle.  I love to paint.  I love to write.  I am fascinated by using them all together to create one.

My doodling began when I was teaching watercolor painting on cruise ships.  I had quite a bit of extra time.  I wanted to draw without the expectation for  successful renderings.  So I doodled.  Made many (many!) random abstracts.  I always started with a circle.

I began to paint  doodles.  I soon realized that my brain always wanted to find a picture and a story.  I decided to write Haiku for each.  Within each Haiku I have included thoughts on Art, Life, and The Artistry of Life.

Please join me as I share.




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