Express a new color.  Because all colors go together.


Endless creation

A wheel of many colors

Joy of Expression.


The framework of life

Faces of every color

Together blending.


Let the thinking rest

Do something new every day

Choose a new color.


When I begin to paint a doodle, I always encounter the question, “With what color should I begin?”  And I always the know the answer.  It doesn’t matter what color I choose because all colors go together.

Sometimes I like to close my eyes and make blind selections.  Usually I am not happy with the color.  (Because I really wanted a different color!)  But, I always stick to the choice.  And I am always happy and surprised with my outcome.  Because one color choice leads to the next color choice, which leads to the next color choice.  I can either go dark or light.  Monotone or high contrast.  Or splashes!

Because all colors go together.

Look at the science.   When seeing a rainbow, or the spectral designs from a prism, we see all of the colors.   Remember, ROYGBIV? (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.)  All of the colors contained in white light.  Different wave lengths.  Vibrations.  The light that surrounds us all.

We awaken every day to the sun’s white light.  We have an infinite number of color choices.  Each day we create.  We  choose.  Pure colors are changed into shades and tints by adding white or black.  We mix complementary colors.  We are the artist. We create our day. We make the choice.

Like my blind-choice for color, we may not always be initially happy with the first selection, but we always have a choice of the next color.  Light or dark.  Pure or muddy.

Because all colors go together.

What is your color for today?





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