Explosions of Color


An Invitation to Join. 


Color explosion

Undulating tints and shades

Energy of hue.


Earthly colors stream

Blend and fold in radiance

Human eyes to see.


Concentric circles

Watch the rings explode in form

Born from a small stone.


Drop the paint on water

And the color will explode.

It is with joy that I present my art to you.  Please join me.

startwithacircle.blog is my method of contributing to the health of the world.

In – Visible

In-Visible Growth From the Center

A question?  Look within and the answer will become visible.


Growth from the center

Transparent.  In – Visible

Nature’s harmony.

Look inside your heart

The answers to your questions

Can always be found.

New leaves in tree’s growth

New colors to be painted

Infinite array.

Leaves sprout from the In-Visible.

Like the leaves on a tree,

Doodles happen.  The simplest of tools create the design.  With no expectation of the final “creation,” a doodle is born.

The “worst” thing that happened to doodling was the advent of the un-attached telephone.  We used to doodle, without hesitation, when talking on the phone.  We were attached to the wall.  The phone was going to travel only as far as the cord would allow. We would be a prisoner of the cord, at a desk, at a table, or . . . Nevertheless, attached.

New invention.  Cell phone.  No cord.  No doodling.

But, YEA!  Doodling has re-made its entrance as an art form!   A method of relaxation, contemplation, and meditation.  Vac-ations?  We doodle for fun.  We create designs.  We color.  We create more designs.  We color.  Without expectation of an outcome.

One of the most wonderful aspects of doodling is that the final design doesn’t have to look like anything!  The pressure for a positive result is absent.

No fine art piece expected.  The doodle always turns out as a doodle-masterpiece.

As we doodle, we ask ourselves, “What should I draw next?”  We always have an answer.

The vision comes from within.

Like the leaves on a tree,

The doodle grows,  and we feel refreshed.

Put your phone down.  De-tach.  De-sound.  Find a paper and pen.  (Any paper and pen will do.)  And doodle.

Let the pen wander.  Let the mind wander.  What do you see?