21 Days until the Winter Solstice Wander-Day 1

1MA Wander.JPGWander

Wander without fear.  Wonder-full experience.  Just a simple path.

Jester of the court.  Foolish antics on display.  Simpleton’s delight.

Let yourself wonder.  Imagination wander.  Create a new line.

Wander and Wonder.  Only different by one letter.  Wander Full surprise.





Valderi, Valdera . . .

I love to go a wandering along the mountain path.  And as I go I love to sing. . .Remember this song?  The Happy Wanderer.

I don’t go on walks.  I go on wanders.  Wanders clear my brain.  Wanders give me space for new ideas.  Wanders have no destination or focus.  Wanders supply any number of surprises.  Wanders are always accompanied by a song.  I always sing when I wander. Wanders never know which song it may be.  It is always a surprise.  And then I wonder, “Where did that song come from?”

I wave my hat to all I meet and they wave back to me.  And Blackbirds call so loud and sweet. . .

I always look for feathers during my wanders.  Sometimes I find a feather.  Sometimes I don’t.  And one time I found three.  A three-feather wander!  Wow!  Feathers wander.

Have you noticed how dogs wander with their noses?   No destination.  No focus.  Sometimes finding a surprise.  Dogs wander.

Oh, May I go a-wandering until the day I die.  And may I always smile and sing . . .

My doodles wander.  As in the painting above, my pen wandered on the paper.  One line, connecting.  Being surprised.  I see a jester.  Was it planned?  No.  Simply a wander.   Makes me smile.  Pens wander.

Valdera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. . .

I didn’t know what to write. My thoughts were chaotic.  And then, I went on a wander, and.  No wonder.  Know wander.   Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha




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