21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 3 Listen


Swirling thoughts of mind                    Listen to the quiet calm                         Voices of the soul.

Waters of the tide                                   Cycles of the ebb and flow                 Renewal of life.

Listen quietly                                              The answer to the question                  “What shall I do next?”

Listen for the answer.                               And you will know.


The Voices, The Voices, The Voices


Meditation . A new awareness. . Listening to your mind. Meditation helps us center our thoughts, our stresses, our moods, changes our brain.   Is there anything that Meditation doesn’t help?

Well. I am in BIG trouble because I don’t/can’t meditate.   The voices, the voices, the voices just won’t SHUT UP.  Then I found out that all is not lost. The voices never stop.  I just need to be aware of them and let them pass through.

But my voices always want to stay and have a conversation. They don’t want to pass through. The voices want to sit down and have coffee. They want to work on a painting. They want to call a friend.

They want to go shopping. They want to do anything but pass through. They are even happy to do the laundry.

To calm the mental crisis of not meditating the “right way,” I have decided that my best meditations will be when I’m having coffee, working on a painting, calling a friend, or going shopping. Even doing the laundry. Meditation has many forms.

My voices create the next painting, call a friend for coffee, or be aware of the many beautiful items while shopping. Not to buy, but to appreciate. . Sorting the laundry becomes a peaceful activity.

Ahhhh Meditation. Listen.

The Voices. The Voices. The Voices.



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