21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 4 Expression


Endless creation

A wheel of many colors

Joy of expression.


The framework of life

Faces of every color

Together blending.

Let the thinking rest

Do something new every day

Choose a new color.


Create something new every day.

Choose a new color.

Expressions of Understanding


I have noticed that people on television panels, when speaking, express with their hands. Each person demonstrates a specific group of gestures. When they finish speaking, they fold their hands and place them on the table. It makes me think that it is staged and manipulative. A rather ingenuine use of hands

I think a better use of hand gestures and movements is in positive production. For example, many people crochet, knit, and embroider.  The activity is called, “handwork.”   Why isn’t it called “hand-play?” After all, beautiful items are created with the hands. People paint, draw, write, build, do puzzles, wood-work and any number of hobbies with their hands.

And, how important are our hands when they contribute to our well-being. We clean, organize, and beautify our environments. We dress and decorate our bodies. We wave to others. We hug. We encourage. We “high-5.” We “double-thumbs-up.” We shake hands as a sign of peace. Simple gestures which mean so much. Genuine. From the heart. Through the hands.

All that being said, I think the act of holding anothers hand might be the most important use of hands. Lending a hand through holding a hand. Reach out and gently take another’s hand to express, “ I care about you. All Shall Be Well. All Is Well.”

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