21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 5 Courage

5 MAResponsibility.jpg

Courage and


Listen for the sage

Experience and wisdom

Calm of power known

Poured of molten soil

Metallic shields protection

Calm ability.


Create for yourself

Follow your own style

Allow the response.

Follow your own style.


A Shield of Courage

To Shield: To keep safe from danger, attack, or harm; defend, guard, preserve, protect, safeguard, secure, ward. 

Butte County. Unimaginable acts of courage. Courage . With no time for thought.   Courage in an instant. Maintaining calm-ness in fear. Helping without hesitation. Rising to the moment .

“What must I do to help?” “What can I do to help?” “Where can I be for the best help?”

Miracles have happened.

The human spirit has the ability to respond. Response-Ability. We have sheltered. We have fed. We have opened our homes. Given our time. Taken care. Given hope.

I remember a line in the movie, Starman, when he said, “Human Beings are at their best when times are at their worst.” Butte County beings have shown their best in the face of the extreme.

Now that the adrenalin has waned, we must continue, with courage, to shield our neighbors through the emotional consequences of loss. Regardless of the degree, we all share in the loss.

And we all share in the recovery.



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