21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 6 Abstract


6MA Abstract.jpg

Abstract without name

Empty and available

Renewed and transformed.


Memory bubbles

Like a waterfall of tears

Waiting for release.


The mind wants to name

Look in many directions

Abstract to concrete.


Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It?  

Song by Rod Stewart

I love to doodle. It is abstract and has no intent for outcome. Doodling doesn’t have to look like anything. Drawing of a concrete object, on the other hand, requires an image and has the intent of the outcome to look like something. The result? The ghost of evaluation looms.

Doodling creates an image with no evaluation. No ghost. Abstract. When the doodle is complete, (and who knows when a doodle is complete?), we look for an image and give it a name. We name it and give it a story. No fail!

We have heard the phrase, “It’s all in how you look at it.”  Yes! We can look at a doodle from every direction. We respond to the shape, the color, and the feeling. We get to make up the story. And we are correct!

What do you see in this doodle? Look at it from every direction. Make up a story about it. What does it mean? Maybe it is just a mess of circles! Maybe it is a waterfall of bubbles. Maybe . . .?

What do YOU see? I want to know. We all see images differently. We see images from different angles. One thing I do know. We all want to see something. And whatever we see, we are right.


Every picture tells a story, Don’t it?

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