21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 7 Growth

IMG_2569.JPGGrowth in the giving

Harmony in common goal

Love in the sharing.


Heart and Soul expand

Endless possibilities

The passion of life.


Share your art freely

Always a fresh, clean canvas

Share your life freely.


Inch by inch. Row by row. Gonna make this garden grow.

Pete Seeger   The Garden Song

 Everything must grow in order to survive. When we stop growing we die.

Physically and Emotionally.  And. We need each other to thrive.  On all levels. From the soil beneath our feet to the heights of the spirit.

We give. We receive. We plant seeds. We water. We weed. We nurture. We harvest. We must grow to be alive.

That being said, sometimes I get tired of “growing.” Sometimes I just need to take a rest. Just like the trees and plants rest during the winter. Preserving and regenerating the energy required to burst into Spring.

I find my “Spring,” my burst of energy, when I am sharing creative moments with others. I can be totally “exhausted,” but when I start to do art with others, I am back into the “Olympics of Sharing.” I feel totally exhilarated when I see others throw off the ghosts of fear and start to doodle and color.

As adults, we don’t often have opportunities to nurture our self-concept. When we create, we can see a product and tell ourselves, “Good job! I did that!” When we share, we grow. Everyone has something to share. Perhaps as simple as a smile. Where do you find your “Spring?”

Inch by Inch.

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