21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 8



Be like the water

Easily flow to new depths

Serene awareness.

Ideas expand

From the fruits of the river

Replenish the soul.


Where the water flows

Your life will only blossom

Projections of growth.


And It Goes On and On. Watching the River Run

Lyrics for Run, River, Run

When I taught Kindergarten, I had a little girl in my class that always wanted to play in the water at the sink. I think it was one moment in her life that was soothing. I would let her play for as long as she wanted. Isn’t that what Kindergarten is for?

Many of us find solitude in gazing at water. Oceans. Lakes. Rivers. We love the sound of rain on our skylights. Fog in the tullies. The bubbling sound of a fountain.

Have you gone to see the Wild Bird Preserves lately? Thousands of birds. Peaceful sounds of “quacking.”   “Butts Up” feeding. And don’t we love to see them all fly? Nature’s Best at our back door. Brought to you by our local waterways. Soothing.

Back to water. . . and rain. The phrase, “What is your gift is your curse and what is your curse is your gift.” Water. We need it. And we need it in the correct amounts. Not too much. Not too little. And that is something we have little control over, if any control at all. A perfect metaphor for Life. Moderation. Not too much. Not too little. What ever your personal definition of moderation may be. Just the right amount. No giant hail storms, please!

Sometimes we need to just “play in the sink.” The bath tub, the shower, or the puddle outside.

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