21 Days Toward the Solstice Day 9 Completion


9MA Completion.jpg

Swirling with the wind

Courage for the seed to sprout

Fragrant growth complete.

Colors of the Fall

Autumn green to blazing reds

A cycle toward rest.

Passing through the fear

Abundance of fresh paper

The courage to start.

In life and art

Clean paper requires courage.

Clean Paper Requires Courage


Quite often I reach a point in a painting where I don’t immediately know

the color, line or dimension needed.

I find that by stepping away from the piece, relaxing, and changing my activity for awhile,

I can always create the solution.

I trust my inner artist to reveal an answer.

Through belief, and keeping my mind at rest,

an answer always appears.

And the solution is usually the addition of a simple line, a simple splash of color,

or a simple touch of mixed-media.

And, sometimes the quiet space tells me

the painting or drawing is complete as it is.

Dealing with art is not too different than living our lives.

Sometimes a simple gesture, a simple word, or a simple act

is all that is needed.    Like clean paper,

Simplicity requires courage.


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