21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 10


Only in stillness

10MA Solitude.jpgSearch for truth, always present

Peaceful solitude.


The blossom opens

Fragrance of the universe

Petals of lightness.


In the quietness

Aloneness is all-one-ness

Solitude is peace.


Find a place of peace

Sit in the sound.


Within The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

I do not call myself an artist. My hobby is drawing doodles and painting them. Being an artist has too much stressful energy for me. It means you have to display, sell, and be nice to people when they don’t like your work. I don’t want to be an artist. I want to doodle and paint.

A hobbiest is often alone in the work. Alone, but not lonely. Feeling lonely only when concerned about public approval. When creating,,never a lonely moment. Time has no meaning.

I talk to myself when I paint. I constantly discuss shape, line, color, “What can I do next?”  The sound of silence is always in the paint, brush, paper and vision.                Never lonely. Always alone.

It took me awhile to get to the point of not being concerned whether another person liked or disliked my work. For God’s Sake, Who doodles? I want it to look like something. When I was an artist, I would sell “real” paintings and buyers would want to buy my least-favorite paintings. I would always ask, “Are you SURE you want that one?” And they would say, “Oh ,Yes.”   I had many lessons on being able to put-aside my own opinions about my work and what others might say, or not say. “Non-concern,” is very freeing. (But of course, I do care!)

I have some doodles everyone likes. And I have some doodles that only I like. My question is, “How can a person like or dislike a doodle? It is just a doodle!”  So, l love to doodle. I love the sound of silence when I am doodling. I love the solitude of doodling. I love to share my doodles. I love my hobby. Like it or not!

What is your hobby that brings in the sound of silence? Wanna’ doodle?

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