21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 11 Refresh

11 MA Refreshed.jpg

Circles of new-ness

Birth of every moment fresh

Morning redefined.

Like unborn ideas

Stars twinkle with the sunset

Refreshing the light.

The glimmer of dawn

Brings new possibilities

Each line. A new design.

Everyday provides

New opportunities.

I Have Now Become the Old Lady. . .

I have wanted to put the following bumper-sticker on the back of my car. I have now become the old lady driver that I used to yell at. But it has too many words to fit on the page. And it takes too long to read (unless you are behind me at a long red light.) And I really don’t like to put bumper stickers on my car. Nevertheless. . .

Since the fire, our town has doubled, maybe tripled in traffic. I have noticed that the first weeks after the fire, drivers were being cautious and careful. But now that time has passed,  frustration and exhaustion has turned into a frenetic-ness of driving. Add the stress of holiday shopping, parking lots, and psychological “need to get it done.” The intersections which were crowded to begin with, are now over crowded. The freeway off-ramps, people “pushing the yellow light” and  blocking the entire intersection, tailgating, sudden turns. Pushing, pushing, pushing the flow,

That being said, I have created some new standards for “old lady drivers.”                   1) Regardless of gender and age, know that driving slow is good. You have time to read other people’s bumper stickers. 2) Don’t worry about being late. Everyone else will be late, too. 3) Never attempt to make a left turn without a light. 4) Realize that it might take many right turns and 4 light-cycles to make that left turn. 5) There will always be an erratic, impatient driver in a big, black truck that believes that the driving rules don’t apply to them. 5) Give the big, black truck plenty of room. 6) Thinking that going early to Costco will help you beat the rush. The rush is already there. 7) Lengthy defensible space allows you to get home, unfrazzled and refreshed. Well, maybe just getting home is enough.

And to think.  I learned all of this in just a “quick”  30 minute, 5 mile treck!

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