21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 15 In-Visible

In-Visible15MA Invisible.jpg

Growth from the center

Transparent, In-Visible

Nature’s harmony.

Look inside your soul

The answers to your questions

Can always be found

New leaves on the trees

New colors to be painted

Infinite array.

Leaves sprout from the


Each of us is a flower. Growing in life’s garden. Charlotte Diamond

A day of celebration occurs when the Crocus and Daffodils appear. Buried beneath the topsoil, a hint of green breaks through. And then a beautiful golden or purple flower appears. I find it very interesting about bulbs. How they thrive with the freeze of Winter, invisible, only to return in full bloom. I always forget where they are planted.

I wonder about the thousands of daffodil bulbs that have been planted in Butte County, California. I know they have survived the fire.

Lining the roads and gardens with their sunshine splendor. It will only be a short time before we see them rise again.


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