21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 16 A Question

16 MARelease.JPG

Flames of passion reach

Not affected by the thorns

Restlessness released.

Freedom to create

Beneath the voice of critique

Only look for good.

Staring into fire

Bring the flames into your heart

Energy released.

Life. Waiting to be sketched.

Freedom from the sound of

The negative.

A Question

I have written three “editorials” about this painting. And have determined that each was not really what I wanted to say. I kept trying to make them right, but every time I looked, I knew that the writing was “just not the one.” What can I write that will communicate?  (What is the right write?) (Sorry)

I think that it is because, on a visual level, this doodle is too much like the flames of last month. The fire is just not what I wanted my doodle to communicate.

But, Art is communication. My doodles are abstract. I realize that I need to take this doodle to a different level. What is the metaphor?

Editorial Try Number 4 – This doodle represents the flames of passion that arise from our center, our core, which bring us through change and adversity, to new growth and renewed life.

Like the Phoenix, which rises from the ashes, we become new.


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