21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 17 Wake-Up

17MA Wake Up.jpg

Eyes ever open

Visions of dramatic change

Wake up to the light

Take a risk of faith

Know the strength of new and bold.

Don’t settle. Expand.

Use a new color.

Create new order in light

Make yourself the shine.

Take a risk. Don’t settle.   Try something new and bold.


Wake Up to the Crack of Dawn

A baby chick pecks and pecks on the inner shell.

To crack its safety shell. It’s porcelain protection for growth.

It is the crack of dawn. It’s birth.


Every morning we wake from our warm blanket of safety,

To greet the day,

From sleep.  The time for generation.

Only to be reborn to the new day.

The crack of dawn. Our birth.

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