21 Days Toward the Winter Solstice Day 19 Balance

19MA Balance.jpg

Balance of the Soul

Phases of celestial light

Into existence.

Scene from angles bright

Universal mystery

Solar rotations.

Into existence

Heaven’s illumination

Pearls of celestial light.

One idea creates the next.

How can I make a difference?


Balance   The Rule of Three

Act as an Equalizing Weight, Display Symmetry, Proportional

The rule of three is one method of creating balance in an artistic composition.

The artist places three areas of similar color, shape, line, or texture somewhere on the piece.

Not all the same size or placement.

An invisible triangle.

The creation of harmony.

Nature creates balance to feel steady, congruous, and harmonious.

Invisible triangles.

Every relationship needs three components. Two people and a fulcrum of agreement.

A constellation. An imaginary picture of more than two stars.

A bicycle can only be driven by a rider working the pedal.

Two similar components balanced by their connection.

Sometimes the fulcrum of balance may be temporarily misplaced.

But with a bit of reflection,

The final outcome will be much more than an individual’s dots or lines.

Balance restored.

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