Pi times Diameter.  The Circumference of a Circle.

High School Geometry was not a strength.  We wrote “Proofs,” and I kept wondering when we were going to start drawing circles.  Drawing circles never happened.  I was on the artist’s page, not the mathematic’s page.  Oh, Well.

Now I draw circles.   Many circles.  I use a template, compass, and ruler.

I somewhat understand the concept of pi.  3.1415926. . .  The number goes on and on.  Telling us that, so fare, we can never know the exact circumference of a circle.  I am intrigued by the computers which are programmed to find the true number representing pi.  I hope they never find it.  I prefer the idea of infinite.  Because,

I will never run out of possibilities for drawing circle designs.

I always Start With A Circle.  I use a pen.  I have no plan.

I design.  I paint.  I write a Haiku.  I comment.  I start again.